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You can still tour Florida Man’s greatest achievements.. The post Florida’s Gilded Age mansions and hotels are a fascinating look at 19th-century opulence appeared first on Matador Network..

Gilded Age mansions in Florida

Florida generally gives about as much regard to its history as its people do to common sense. That said, though the state has bulldozed much of its past for condos, some of the grandest structures ever built in America still remain there. Even before the advent of air

Embrace the fusion.. The post 10 authentic Indonesian dishes from Jakarta’s Betawi ethnic group appeared first on Matador Network..

Traditional Betawi Indonesian food

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and a place where you can find a variety of people from across Indonesia and abroad. The country’s motto, after all, is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or “Unity in Diversity.” People from all over have brought their culinary traditions and mad

Yer a guest, ‘arry.. The post You can spend the night in Hagrid’s cottage from Harry Potter appeared first on Matador Network..

Hagrid’s cottage is for rent

Inspired by the film’s portrayal of the cottage, it features three circular, interlocking slate-roofed buildings, two with turrets and all with stained-glass windows. It also has a wooden door lit by a lantern, a spacious living room with a galley kitchen and dining are

The Everest of whitewater rafting.. The post Rafting the Zambezi on the scariest whitewater rapids in the world appeared first on Matador Network..

Whitewater rafting in Zambia

Zambia is commonly referred to as the “Adventure Capital” of Africa, and whitewater rafting down the Zambezi River is the adventure of a lifetime. Getting their energy from the world’s largest waterfall, the rapids of the Zambezi are some of the most challenging — and m

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