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There’s no better destination for coffee lovers.. The post How to take the ultimate coffee trip through Panama appeared first on Matador Network..

The best coffee in Panama

Coffee is something most of us take for granted. It shows up in our cups every morning, whether we take the time to grind our own beans or simply order the usual from a local cafe. But when you see the effort and care that goes into growing, harvesting, drying, and roas

Add this to your trip to Belfast.. The post The best one-day ‘Game of Thrones’ road trip through Northern Ireland appeared first on Matador Network..

Game of Thrones filming locations

With only a month left until the final season, the end of Game of Thrones is just around the corner. We’ll finally get answers to questions that have plagued us for years on end, like is Bran the Night King? Who is Azor Ahai? Will the White Walkers be defeated? And perh

There’s no better place in the world to drink it.. The post The 8 Piña Coladas you need to try in its hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico appeared first on Matador Network..

The best Piña Coladas in San Juan

You don’t have to go far to find a Piña Colada in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The cocktail’s birthplace is rife with frosty hurricane glasses full of rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. The bar at your hotel undoubtedly blends a reliable version, which you can happily s

Cathedrals of ice illuminated in neon lights.. The post The Sapporo Snow Festival is a feast for the eyes, and you need to see it appeared first on Matador Network..

Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival photos

Around two million people travel to northern Japan for the Sapporo Snow Festival to see the hundreds of snow and ice sculptures built by both professionals and amateurs. The first festival was held in 1950, and it has grown exponentially since then. We arrive by subway

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