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Spray paint masterpieces.. The post 11 American cities with surprising street art scenes appeared first on Matador Network..

Underrated US cities for street art

Step aside, stuffy art museums — street art has taken over the nation as the most important contemporary art movement of our time. What began as a subversive form of art about 40 years ago is now, in many urban areas, city sanctioned. Earlier this year, Chicago even lau

The best of Canada’s cottage culture.. The post Why you need to visit the incredible lakes near Toronto appeared first on Matador Network..

Best lake regions near Toronto

Canada may be known for its cold winters and expansive landmasses, but it has so much more to offer than just maple syrup and good hockey. For this, look no further than Ontario, a Canadian province dotted with pristine lakes and forests. There are over 250,000 lakes in

See the Indo-Pacific’s best diving before anyone else does.. The post Atauro Island has the most biodiverse waters in the world, and hardly anyone knows it exists appeared first on Matador Network..

Atauro Island, East Timor, travel

Atauro Island is a pristine paradise north of the main island of Timor-Leste. Timor-Leste, better known to some as East Timor, is the world’s fourth-newest country and the youngest one in Asia — founded after a bloody battle for independence from Indonesia that began in

From Giant's Causeway to famous Game of Thrones filming locations.. The post 24 hours on Northern Ireland’s stunning north coast appeared first on Matador Network..

A day in Northern Ireland itinerary

Northern Ireland’s Atlantic northern coastline is one of striking beauty. A land where wild waves crash against craggy headlands, monolithic sea stacks rise above the foamy tides, and meadows and rolling glens give way to tree-lined paths ambling towards rural cottages

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