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Why We Need Smart Cities

Several cities are dealing with the crisis of overpopulation, causing a dearth of resources. Social and economical imbalance among citizens creates problems in a community. As technology grows, the concept of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things can be used into planning Smart cities which can gradually tackle several issues in a coexistent society.

The building of a smart city requires large investments by the government. Nonetheless, it is one of the best changes possible in lifestyles if done with conscious implementation. Smart cities are designed for optimum usage of space and resources along with an efficient and optimum distribution of benefits. It also aims at increasing connectivity at various levels among citizens, as well as between the administration and population. Public properties such as schools, roads, and hospitals are improved. The system can tackle several redundancies of the present system and save time and money. As technology is rapidly advancing, one can acknowledge that one needs to develop their lifestyles accordingly to adapt to present-day demands.

Smart cities are meant to be environment-friendly. There are devices which can keep track of air purity level, as well as other environmental and health-related factors. The investment in such a city should also include the maintenance of a conscious work-force which shall review and amend the system. Therefore, a smart city shall only reach a wholesome stage if it stands up to the social and psychological needs of the population.

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